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Launched on the post-Pictorialist wave in 1922, Camera closed down in December 1981 after a long period of glory due to that most modern of editors-in-chief, Allan Porter. The ingenious Porter came up with unknowns who are now mythical figures for the twenty-first century, and devoted himself to bringing meaning to a discipline that still needs it, even as the capricious diva we know it to be.

To revive Camera is, first of all, to pursue the quest for knowledge and rigorousness that made the reputation of a unique magazine. Our goal is to bring together all those who want to understand photography, that hypnotic art. That two-headed monster so perfectly described by Pierre Bourdieu, sociologist and amateur photographer, as “The only artistic practice accessible to everyone […] and the only universally consumed cultural item.” It could not be better put.

Camera is ready to set out in the footsteps of the photographers, gallerists, historians, publishers, and collectors who are literally, and daily, ravished by photography. Inadvertently or out of a sense of duty, through enchantment or by default. Photography has become such a vast field that it seems impossible to grasp in its entirety. There remains, though, the idea—a pleasure to put forward—of showing how well it fits with other people’s lives and desires, here, there and everywhere.

Every three months, Camera will:

  • focus on an in-depth conversation with a guest: a photographer or someone closely connected with the discipline, a filmmaker, writer, collector, gallerist, etc. The choice of subjects —career, influences, favourites, etc.— will be up to the guest
  • present the portfolio of an upcoming photographer introduced by the guest
  • highlight a specific place, project or initiative, regarded as innovative and original
  • discuss discriminatingly chosen auctions and news of the photography market
  • interview an important photography collector ;
  • propose a selection of photographic prices and residencies, and of the latest photography books from France and elsewhere

  • Quarterly magazine (French/English)
  • 4 issues per year
  • 80 pages
  • Size : 8.8 x 11.4 inches
  • Edition Bound

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