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Issue 8 – November/December/January 2015

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JOACHIM SCHMID, Photography Explorer
by Valentine Plisnier 

Carte Blanche
Image Appropriation: Fighting Oblivion
by Valentine Plisnier 

The Wonderful World of COCO FRONSAC
by Valentine Plisnier 

The Spirit of a Place
PIER 24: Private Visit
by Jonas Cuénin 

The Market
Photography Fairs: The FOTOFEVER Alternative
by Stéphanie Jacquet 

Private Collection
NEUFLIZE VIE COLLECTION: Risk Hazekamp, ¡Mira !, 2002 
by Martine Ravache

Awards and Residencies
THE LOUIS ROEDERER RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP FOR PHOTOGRAPHY: Discovering the Treasures of the National Library of France
by Stéphanie Jacquet 

SELECTION: Boccon-Gibod – Laffont – Manifestes
by Jonas Cuénin

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