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Issue 20 – jan./feb./mars 2018

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Julien Magre, « Elles of désire»
By Corinne Lellouche

Champ libre
« Arrêt sur image»

Chris Marker’s La Jetée: a “photo-novel” in the post-human age
By François Bovier

Photography through the prism of the projected or burned image: One Second in Montreal (Michael Snow, 1969) and [nostalgia] (Hollis Frampton, 1971)
By François Bovier

L’Ange by Patrick Bokanowski: Liberating the light signal
By Bidhan Jacobs

Parties communes and Seuils by Éric Rondepierre: “Shared Iconic Zone”
By Valentine Plisnier

Lise Sarfati, Oh Man, 2013
By Nathalie Amae
Portfolio #20
Guillaume Zuili, Urban Jungle, 2017
By Michel Poivert

Éric Bottero, Voodooland, 2017: between fiction & reality
By Valentine Plisnier

Martin Bogren, Ferhat Bouda, Anne-Sophie Costenoble
A sélection by Claire Mayer

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